Legal Matter Software Integration Services



Integrate with your existing infrastructure, including Microsoft Office, AP, ERP, law firm billing systems, and more. Eliminate duplication, boost productivity, save time across your entire organization.

Accounts payable (AP) integration

Accounting Payable

Legal Tracker offers a range of solutions for automating/streamlining the transfer of invoice information to and from your AP department. The result is a routine that automatically detects a new batch file, transforms the information to meet AP application import requirements, and delivers the transformed file to AP.

Matter integration

Matter Integration

We'll set up your system to automate the import of matter data into Tracker. This allows you to continue leveraging the great features of your IP or claims systems while gaining the benefit of Tracker's e-billing capability.

Accounting code integration

Accounting Code Integration

With this service, you can upload lists of accounting codes to maintain a valid chart of accounts. A drop down menu with type-ahead search speeds up the time to find the correct accounting codes and prevents users from using old or invalid codes.

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Open QuoteTracker was able to integrate with both our AP system and our IP docketing system, eliminating large amounts of time manually entering data into all three systems. Close Quote
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