Controlling Spend: Online Legal Billing Software



Track legal spend by department, time period, or even phase of litigation, and compare real time rates. Get the knowledge you need to make accurate predictions and informed decisions.

Manage and predict spend in one place

Want to know how your department is doing in comparison to other legal departments similar to yours? Tracker makes it easy, putting real-time, in-depth analytics at your fingertips. For example, a health care company with $5 billion in revenue and eight lawyers can see what similar health care companies in the same or comparable cities are paying their law firms.

  • Capture spending estimates directly from your firms to better manage budget-to-actual comparisons
  • Review new changes to current law firm budgets
  • Receive automatic alerts for rate increases and other anomalies
  • Edit budget reforecasts
  • Use standard or customized reports to analyze budgets and spend, summarize key information, and identify developing trends

Controlling Costs
Controlling costs: See all your spending, budget, and saving information in one place to quickly assess potential issues and control spending.

Save money from day one

Legal Tracker not only helps you control costs from outside law firms, it provides unbeatable value of its own. Other vendors charge law firms for e-billing (up to $3,500/year/client or 2% of your bills). Firms generally recover these charges from you, either directly or indirectly. Because Tracker never charges law firms, the overall cost often is significantly less than other systems.

  • The entire system costs less than what other vendors charge just for basic e-billing
  • No charges to your law firms; Tracker is free to outside counsel
  • No hidden fees: One monthly fee covers all services, support, new user training, and upgrades
  • SaaS product has little or no IT involvement to implement and maintain
  • Most legal departments find Tracker pays for itself within the first year; many report significant ROI savings within months of implementation