Legal e-Billing Software That's Effortless



Securely manage invoices in any electronic format from 100% of your firms worldwide. Automate approval, audit and invoice routing across one secure paperless platform.

Effortless e-billing

Seamlessly integrate with your accounts payable department

  • Eliminate paper approval processes
  • Automatically or manually enforce timekeeper rates, expense compliance, and other billing guidelines
  • Receive over-budget spending alerts for month, fiscal year, life of matter, or phase
  • Automate currency conversion and display in currency of your choice
  • Foreign and domestic taxes tracked separately
  • Customize output of approved invoice data
  • Configure fields for data transfer to accounts payable
  • Automatically route to preset and ad-hoc approvers
  • Be alerted to over-spend by outside counsel on any matter at any stage
  • Web Services-enabled for automatic data transfer
  • Create and set budgets based on UTBMS task codes and custom task code sets

effortless legal e-billing software
Effortless legal e-billing: Quickly analyze, assess, reduce, and approve invoices with an efficient and configurable approval workflow.