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More than 1,300 corporate legal departments have chosen Legal Tracker for their matter management, e-billing, and analytics. From Fortune 500 companies to solo General Counsels, our turnkey solution can be fully scaled to streamline operations, control spend, and get complete visibility into your entire legal landscape.

Matter management

Break down silos with instantly searchable legal matter information located in one spot.


Save time and money with automated invoice workflows and auditing tools.

Reporting and analytics

See what peer companies spend and prove the value of your department with real-time data.

Cloud integrations

Integrate with your existing systems and software to streamline implementation, boost productivity, and save time and resources.

Data services

Connect all of your data – legacy and current – and make it accessible and usable across departments with data conversion services.

Legal operations

Let our legal and technology experts assess and improve your operations.


The Modern Law Department: Why & How

The modern law department makes data-driven decisions that contribute to your organization's success, and stays on top of emerging legal, regulatory, and reputational risks in a proficient and proactive manner. But where do you begin? How do you develop it? And how can you maintain it, as you're expected to do more and more with less and less? Join this webinar for answers.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 @ 1:00 PM ET.

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Recognized for 5 years, Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker has been voted best matter management software by readers of the National Law Journal leading the industry in innovative technology.

Become a modern law department

What is the “Modern Law Department” and why does it matter? Discover how to bring your law department into the future with these resources.

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Tracker handles the complexities of international e-billing seamlessly. It would be difficult to centrally manage all of our legal spend worldwide without it.
Sam Bernstein
Legal Operations Manager,
They truly have extended customer service beyond imagination. There is an answer for everything. There is a tool for everything. There is a person for everything.
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