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Andeavor transforms how it works using Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker
Legal Tracker delivers significant cost savings

November 6, 2017

Thomson Reuters today announced that market-leading e-billing and matter management solution, Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker™ (formerly Serengeti Tracker™) has helped drive significant results for Andeavor’s legal department. Andeavor, formerly Tesoro Corporation, is a premier refining, marketing, and logistics company with operations primarily located in the western and mid-continent United States.

Last year, Andeavor’s incoming General Counsel Kim Rucker tasked the Andeavor Legal Operations team with reviewing the company’s existing legal procurement process in order to better understand and control their legal spend. 

The team, consisting of Clifford Barr, managing counsel for Legal Operations, and legal operations analysts Monica Moton and Michelle Straus, identified the need to improve reporting and budgeting processes, how they assign work to outside firms, and how they evaluate their performance.

To address these challenges, the Legal Operations team relied upon Legal Tracker as their preferred tool for managing legal spend to budget, creating reports, installing and enforcing billing guidelines, and even identifying areas of need.

The decision to implement Tracker was in part driven by the desire to reposition the legal department as an organizational function that helped deliver business growth, rather than the misconception that legal departments are often just “cost centers.”

Additionally, the Legal Operations team highlighted the solution’s advanced reporting and audit features as particularly value-adding.

The team also saw potential benefits across several other areas of the business, not least of the comprehensive budgeting functionalities, which provided greater visibility of spend and helped demonstrate clear cost reductions.

The Andeavor legal department could not be more delighted with the impact Legal Tracker has had on the business, not only in delivering improved ROI on legal spend, but also in demonstrating the legal department’s ability to add clear and quantitative value as an organizational function. Andeavor has increased their reductions by $700,000 in the last two quarters, enough to pay for the legal operations team five times over.

Click here to watch a series of videos in which members of the Andeavor Legal Operations team, including Monica Moton, Michelle Straus, and Clifford Barr, describe their experience of using Legal Tracker and the enormous benefits it has brought to the business.

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