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Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker announces first ever partnership with TotalDiscovery
New partnership to improve legal hold process for clients

June 2, 2017

Thomson Reuters today announced that market-leading e-billing and matter management solution, Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker™ (formerly Serengeti Tracker™) has entered into a new partnership with TotalDiscovery, a leading provider of secure and defensible web applications used by legal departments and IT to manage legal compliance obligations and discovery requests.

This new venture brings together two best-in class technology providers who are both working to improve critical legal operation workflows for their users. “The partnership with Thomson Reuters and Legal Tracker represents an important milestone in our efforts to provide software products that integrate with TotalDiscovery and provide measurable value to our clients,” said Scott Nichols, SVP of TotalDiscovery.

TotalDiscovery will give Legal Tracker clients integrated access to powerful and easy-to-use online solutions that automates tasks related to issuing and tracking legal hold notices and managing ESI preservation, collection, processing and early case assessment.

“Legal Tracker is already known as a best-in-class tool that helps legal departments enhance the value they bring to a wider organization,” said Dan Bodnar, director of Legal Tracker Product Management. “Our partnership with TotalDiscovery continues our trend for delivering this value and drives automation particularly in important but time-consuming administrative workflows, increasing the usefulness of Legal Tracker and further enhancing the customer experience.”

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