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Features & benefits

Legal Tracker provides matter management, e-billing, reporting, and analytics capabilities that maximize your legal department’s efficiency and value

Why choose Legal Tracker

Legal Tracker gives you comprehensive matter management, effortless e-billing, custom analytics, and complete integration with your existing software and systems. It’s all backed by our professional services team, 24/5 live support, and our online Help site.

See how Legal Tracker works



Securely manage invoices in any electronic format for all the firms you work with worldwide. Automate approval, audit, and invoice routing with one secure platform that can integrate with your accounts payable department.


  • A single, searchable system for invoices, eliminating paper approvals
  • Automatic or manual enforcement of timekeeper rates, expense compliance, AFAs, and other billing guidelines
  • Over-budget spending alerts for month, fiscal year, life of matter, or phase
  • Automated currency conversion and customizable currency display
  • Separate tracking for foreign and domestic taxes
Legal Tracker simplifies our processing of bills and budgets, and streamlines the sharing of other important information about the status of the case.

Matter management

Connect to all of your law firms and have instant access to every aspect of every matter, from documents and emails to deadlines and personnel, in one place.



  • Searchable, reportable, and up-to-date repository of all matters – even matters assigned to outside counsel
  • Configurable rules for automatically adding, filling-in, or limiting user input fields for faster matter entry and updates

  • Track results, duration, predictive accuracy, and more while evaluating and comparing performance across outside counsel

  • Drag-and-drop and multi-select controls for uploading and sorting documents, and powerful search and filtering capabilities


Get the metrics you need to make informed, data-driven decisions. You can measure performance, review spend and budget, and benchmark your data against the highest performing legal departments. With Legal Tracker’s reporting tools, you can easily show your organization’s leadership team how your department and outside law firms are performing and providing value.


  • Access aggregated data from more than 1,300 law departments and tens of thousands of law firms worldwide

  • Compare your legal spend and risk data against similar law departments

  • Drill down by industry, spend, department size, and company size

  • Isolate specific types of work, rates by metro area and classification, and law firm performance by substantive law

Finally, we could tell our legal department's story.

Legal Tracker benefits


Works with the systems and software your legal department already relies on, making implementation much simpler.

Data security

We are the first legal matter management and e-billing provider to be SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3-certified.

Controlling spend

Gives complete oversight and awareness of your legal spend. You can control, predict, and responsibly reduce costs.

Increasing productivity

Legal Tracker gives you the tools and technology you need to run your law department like a business.

Easy implementation

Legal Tracker has been successfully deployed and is in use by more than 1,300 corporate legal offices and 56,000 law firms worldwide.

Outstanding support

Get a dedicated account manager and 24/5 support from our support staff and legal experts, excluding major holidays.

Add-on services

Maximize Legal Tracker benefits and ROI by engaging our experts at any stage. Let us help you get the most out of your data services, implementation, cloud integrations, and more.