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Legal Ops Learning Series on-demand webinar

Author the epic story of your legal department

Tell a compelling story about how your legal team creates value in your organization.

Your corporate legal department is playing an unquestionably important role in the overall success of your organization. Yet, many legal departments are not equipped with the tools, technology or know-how to best convey their work to the C Suite and other stakeholders. In this webinar, discover how to tell your department's story and support it with metrics, analytics, and benchmarks that prove your value and contributions.

Creating a story starts with answering fundamental questions. What are your department goals? How do you, and your leadership team, measure success? If your answer to any of these questions is "gut feel," tune into this webinar to discover how top corporate legal departments are telling their epic stories today.

Hosted by:

Alison Drier

Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker

Ellen Nendorf

Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker