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Legal Ops Learning Series on-demand webinar

A compliance sleuth - the value of a billing guideline reviewer

Learn the benefits of a best-in-class billing guideline review process and related activities that can maximize the impact of this role for your organization's bottom line.

Reaching over 90% in LEDES utilization. Achieving a 5.5 day invoice approval turnaround time. Saving over $330K in billing guideline enforcement and $350K in budget enforcement. Realizing a total cost savings of a million dollars within 18 months. These are just some of the positive outcomes resulting from careful deployment of a billing guideline review process.

Invoice review is a time-intensive but essential process that can yield substantial results for your legal department. Many organizations don't utilize this role to its potential. In this webinar, we’ll introduce the essential role of a billing guideline reviewer, discuss strategies to resource and empower this individual, and make you aware of new service offerings that could improve your invoice review process.

Join our presenters as they walk you through the elements of a successful billing guideline review strategy, related best practices that can amplify the effectiveness of invoice review, and options for short-term and long-term approaches to managed billing guideline review services.

Hosted by:

Patrick Kelley

Enterprise Client Success Manager, Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker

Alicia Mangold

Director of Operations, Mosaic Consulting

Beth Foland

Manager of Special Projects, Mosaic Consulting