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Legal Ops Learning Series on-demand webinar

Be a B.I. Olympian: Using analytics in legal operations

Learn how today's high performing legal departments are using sophisticated analytics and benchmarking tools to transform their operations and defend their decision-making with real data.

Learn how data-driven legal departments are taking advantage of new benchmarking and analytics tools to refine their operations, evaluate the performance of their department and outside counsel, defend their decision-making and ultimately prove the value of the legal department with real data.

Opinions are subjective and open to interpretation; good data is not. That's why many legal departments are gravitating to analytical tools to quantify their work, and why access to legal benchmarking and analytics data are rapidly evolving. This webinar will show you how to set the stage for best practice reporting and analytics, where to find benchmarking data and how to make it actionable, and how to take your reporting and benchmarking to the next level using modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools—along with some key issues and pitfalls you'll want to avoid.

Hosted by:

Bobby Sands

Director of Professional Services, B.I. SME

David Kero

Sr. Professional Services Consultant, B.I. Technology Expert