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Top 10 ways technology can help lawyers in small legal departments save time and reduce risk

In the world of legal departments, it’s the lawyers in small legal departments (SLDs) that face the biggest challenges. Often, they are more resource-restrained and stretched, having to wear many different hats, such as processing documents and invoices, running reports, and performing their full time role as a legal professional. SLD lawyers’ fragmented focus, coupled with the necessity of dealing with unfamiliar legal issues, can lead to an increased danger of something important slipping through the net. Technology can help mitigate this risk by automating alerts for vital tasks so they don’t slip through, as well as automating routine tasks so there is more time to focus on the important matters at hand. This top ten reviews ten ways SLD lawyers can use technology to better manage their work.

1. Automate updates from your law firms

Ever wonder what’s actually happening with a matter? You wouldn’t be the first. With matter management software, you can require that your law firms send updates on a regular and timely basis or they won’t be able to submit their invoices. This gets law firms’ attention quickly. Past updates can easily be reviewed without searching through emails since they’re all stored within the legal department management system to which your external law firm also has access. Furthermore, if there’s truly a material development, you’ll get an alert in the system to let you know there is an important issue in the matter.

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