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14 tips from the experts who have supercharged their legal operations

All effective legal operations departments share a passion for wanting to improve, whether it’s finding new efficiencies, better workflows, or lower costs. Oftentimes, the best way to improve is by following the advice of those who have already “climbed the mountain.” This tip sheet is built from input received from 11 advanced users of Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker™ (formerly Serengeti Tracker™), the top-rated and most widely used matter management, e-billing, and analytics system for corporate legal departments. They’ve already climbed the mountain, but they probably wouldn’t say that they’re at the summit. In reality, it’s a continuous journey of improvement. However, these clients are on the cutting-edge of legal operations, and they’ve combined their wisdom to develop this 14-point list to help legal departments improve performance.

1. Mandatory status reports

Don’t be left in the dark with your open matters. Require the firms you work with to provide status reports so you can stay on top of all your ongoing legal matters. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing the status of cases and approximate hours and costs.

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