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How to (actually) improve your legal operations: One initiative at a time Learn ways to achieve a legal operations initiative

Each year legal departments continue to be challenged to do more with less, cut costs of outside counsel, and operate in sync with overall business goals. Only about half of these departments have dedicated legal operations staff to help meet these demands.

Regardless of dedicated staff, the discussion around legal operations initiatives is near constant. Organizations and technology continue to drive momentum and innovation, and there is also no shortage of reports, studies, and whitepapers on what a legal department should do to improve legal operations. From implementing software tools to tracking KPIs, all of these initiatives have the ability to impact the bottom line and help the legal department operate more effectively.

For many, however, the question still remains, “how do we actually roll out an initiative?” This article offers high-level, practical advice to achieve a legal operations initiative, with or without legal operations professionals.

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