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Savvy GC’s run their legal departments like businesses

There is increased pressure for legal departments to understand and track the legal work being done by outside counsel, while successfully managing legal costs and maintaining compliance. As the scope and volume of legal issues that companies have to deal with has grown, legal departments are fi nding it increasingly necessary to employ project management techniques and software for e-billing, matter management and reporting to track issues and help control their legal spend.

Legal departments often deal with both a wide array and high volume of legal matters. Couple this with the fact that companies with both large and small legal departments need to be able to go to one place to see and manage all open legal matters and matter activities, rather than simply putting out fi res as they come up, becomes a necessity in managing legal work. Today’s matter management software systems allow in-house attorneys to quickly see relevant information on all matters where work is being done, receive updates and documents alerts, upload documents, manage budgets, run reports on matters and spend at the touch of a button. When the law department has all of the company’s legal work in a single system, it fi nally becomes possible to effectively manage that work proactively, increase visibility into the entirety of the company’s legal work and decrease the chances of getting blind-sided by issues they did not see coming.

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