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Support and training Explore our support and training options to help you learn how to leverage Legal Tracker’s functionality and create capable, confident users

Support resources for every user

Help is always available for Legal Tracker users in corporate legal departments and law firms.

Access our online help site for 24/7 self-guided support via the Help link at the top right of every page in Legal Tracker. Within the Help site you can watch tutorial videos, read guides, and sign up for live weekly training sessions.

Live support is available to corporate legal department clients 24 hours a day / 5 days a week, from 6pm Sunday to 8pm Friday, United States Central Time, excluding major holidays.

In-product support resources

Online help site

Our help site is available 24/7 via the Help link at the top right of every Legal Tracker page.

In-house support resource

Your company's internal support resource can be contacted via the link at the bottom of every page in Legal Tracker.

Law firm system administrator

Your law firm’s Legal Tracker administrator is linked at the bottom of every page in Legal Tracker.

For product performance and access issues that cannot be resolved by the resources above, please use the "Click here to contact Legal Tracker Support” link available on the bottom of each law firm user page within Legal Tracker.

If you are unable to log in or access the Legal Tracker link, send an email to: 
Legal Tracker support


Legal Tracker training programs are designed to help our clients and users get up to speed quickly and confidently with all aspects of Legal Tracker. Training options are available for any budget and need, including self-guided training or online weekly training courses available via our Help site, in-person Legal Tracker Boot Camps, and customized training specific to your legal department's unique needs.

In-product training resources

Tutorial videos

Watch brief tutorial videos on every aspect of Legal Tracker in our Help site.

Live training

Sign up for live weekly training sessions within the Help site.

On-site customized training

Experts from our professional services team are able to provide onsite training to both corporate legal departments and law firms supporting legal departments.

Our training options cover:

  • Report Builder and onsite reports training
  • Invoice approval and AP route processing
  • Matter management
  • Matter creation
  • Budgets and accruals
  • Analytics
  • Documents, contracts, and document cloud storage
  • Matter Upload
  • Timekeeper Rate Review

Legal Tracker Boot Camp

Legal Tracker Boot Camp is an intensive 2.5-day training course covering basic and advanced functionality of Legal Tracker. Designed specifically for training Tracker Coordinators, Boot Camps are available in multiple locations in the U.S. throughout the year.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up the Legal Tracker system
  • Use Report Builder to build custom reports
  • Create and manage budgets and accruals
  • Optimize your Legal Tracker database
  • Collaborate with outside counsel, manage expectations, and impact timekeeper rates