Increasing Productivity: Legal Matter Software

Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker Legal Matter Software

Legal matter software that actually increases your productivity

You and everyone in your department have better things to do than sift through mountains of paperwork and endless emails, right? Legal Tracker eliminates virtually all of the paperwork and busywork that keeps you from more important work—like practicing law and bringing value to your company. Tracker gives you the technology and tools you need to run your law department like a business: An incredibly smart, streamlined, successful business.

Run your legal department like a business

  • With our integrated SaaS legal matter software, you can track time and money, projects and productivity, in-house activity, and outside expenditures
  • Tracker automatically captures information and documents online, directly from the source: your law firms, your team, and registered agents
  • Complete internal audits in a fraction of the time it takes with manual processes
  • Automatic dashboard alerts and reports help you catch problems before they become problems
  • Tracker automates the entire invoice review process, routing bills to reviewers, flagging guideline violations, presenting budget comparisons, and capturing adjustments and comments
  • Once a bill is approved, Tracker automatically delivers it to your A/P system

Increase productivity in-house and with outside counsel

  • Collaborate with colleagues and outside counsel more efficiently
  • Review performance results of your law firms with side-by-side graphics, by size or industry type
  • Compare and contrast rate proposals, including impact of changes, discounts provided, and comparisons to similarly situated firms and industry rate benchmarks
  • Assign work to firms that most effectively meets your needs and demonstrates best value