Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker
Integrated with the systems you already rely upon

Legal Tracker was built by lawyers for lawyers, so we understand the tools you use every day to stay productive. We also understand the need for those tools to work together! That’s why we designed Legal Tracker to integrate with your existing infrastructure, including Microsoft Office apps, AP and ERP systems, law firm billing systems, and more. These integrations eliminate duplication, boost productivity and save time across your entire organization.

Built-in connectivity and convenience

From invoicing to emailing, the tools you work with every day all work together with Tracker.

  • Seamlessly connect Tracker with your company’s AP and ERP systems. Ensure invoice data is sent back and forth automatically, exchange rates are updated regularly, spending amounts are reconciled quickly, and outside firms can check on their invoices easily
  • Legal Tracker Add-In for Microsoft Office lets you approve, reject, or dispute invoices directly from your Microsoft Outlook reading pane. Learn more
  • Integrate your on-premises single sign on (SSO) and identity systems with Tracker using Azure Active Directory or SAML SSO – offering added convenience while maintaining enterprise security
  • Gmail extension eliminates the need to transition to Tracker to complete certain workflows
  • The Service of Process module in Tracker provides an integrated, audited system for managing all your service of process activities—helping your department to avoid missed response deadlines
Taking the complexity out of custom integrations

Want even more connectivity? Our legal and technical experts can customize your Tracker integration to your specifications.

  • Get custom integrations, including IP systems, content management systems, claims systems, incident reporting systems, and legal hold systems
  • Meet all of your company’s reporting needs with custom reports built to your specifications
  • From optimization to technical solutions to training, our team of seasoned lawyers and advisors are ready to help
Legal Tracker Add-In for Microsoft Office