Legal e-Billing & Matter Management Software

Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker Formerly Serengeti Tracker

Legal Tracker is the highest rated and most widely used e-billing & matter management system. Here's why:

Tracker puts you in control of your entire legal landscape. You can organize and analyze everything from documents to deadlines, billing to budgets, pricing to profitability, all with one surprisingly simple, maintenance-free system.

You have instant access to essential information like overages, exposures, rates, and outside counsel expenditures, and it gives you the ability to identify, assess, and even predict problems before they happen.

Easy to implement and use with no complicated software to buy or learn. No upkeep, no IT involvement, and no surprises. Just one smart, streamlined system that will save you time, money, and headaches.

Matter management made easy

Legal Matter Management made easy

All the information you need is always just a click away. Track the information you need, secure from the source, and organized for quick access/review via your customized Tracker Dashboard. More

Effortless, integrated legal e-billing

Effortless and integrated legal e-billing system

Legal Tracker takes the guesswork (and a lot of the work) out of invoicing. Enforce rates, expense compliance and all billing guidelines, get overage alerts, and connect to your A/P department seamlessly. More

World's largest source for analytics

Legal e-Billing and matter management analytics

Legal Tracker includes real-time analytics based on global data that you can use to measure your legal department's and law firm's performance, benchmark rate comparisons, and review spend and budget guidelines. More

Unsurpassed service and support

Legal Tracker: Unsurpassed Service and Support

Our Legal Tracker pros are there for you every step of the way. All of them know the system inside and out; many of them are lawyers themselves so they understand your unique needs and concerns. More