Legal Matter Management



Tracker replaces paper, spreadsheets, and other databases  with electronic data that’s searchable, reportable and always up-to-date.

Matter management

  • Your customized Tracker Dashboard gives you instant access to every aspect of every matter: every document, every deadline, every update, every email, every invoice, and every person involved
  • You can easily organize, prioritize, utilize, analyze, share, and compare data internally and with your outside firms
  • Track matter results, including duration, predictive accuracy, and lessons learned while evaluating and comparing performance across outside counsel
  • View matter detail in aggregate to better enforce billing requirements, status updates, and key calendar events
  • Tailor templates to your industry-specific work and customize matter fields and their attributes
  • Track and report on important dates and deadlines
  • Automated invoice review saves time and money and ensures invoice data is timely and complete
    Matter Management
    Matter Management: Get all of your matter information in one place where it is searchable, reportable, and always up to date.

Document management

  • Store electronic documents in any file format in Tracker or link to a network, URL, or third party document management system
  • Attach related files or addenda to a document and choose to show or hide it in the main document view
  • Build in due dates, reminders, and owners for workflow management
  • Group documents within a matter into customizable folders
  • Set access security on a document
  • Search documents and their related metadata across all matters
  • Build and save custom document views
  • Organize contracts and related documents into customizable online files with controlled access
  • Search database fields for all contracts by parties, clauses, warranties, assignability, termination dates, notice provisions, and other important terms
  • Track all payments under contract
  • Designate contracts by materiality, type, or status
  • Track renewals, expirations, and other deadlines

Service of process

Automatically retrieve and route SOP documents and information directly into your matters from your registered agents for assignment to appropriate users, including deadlines and calendared alerts.

  • Streamline intake and assignment process
  • Organize response information
  • Send email reminders of upcoming due dates
  • Display alerts when needed

100% Confidential Access

Legal Tracker is the first and only legal matter management and e-billing system to be SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 certified. The SOC 2 Type II compliance standard includes security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality as defined by the AICPA. The SOC 3 Report provides the description of the Tracker information security controls and the opinion of the auditor as to the relevance of those controls.