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The Q1 2017 Release Includes New Ways to Visualize Benchmark Data to See How Your Legal Department Compares, Plus Powerful Automation Tools to Boost Productivity
Market-Leading e-Billing and Matter Management Solution Solidifies Market Position
Legal Tracker’s Mark Arthur describes how gathering actionable data to evaluate outside counsel allows legal departments to tell a management story, demonstrate their value and empower the GC to walk confidently into an executive meeting with the same charts, graphs and data analysis that departments like Finance and Marketing have offered for years.
Global Manufacturer of Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical Devices Becomes Latest Organization to Choose Market-Leading E-billing and Matter Management Offering
Market-leading E-billing and Matter Management Solution Features Cloud Storage in Canadian Data Centers
Corporate Counsel, the national magazine devoted to the in-house bar, worked with the Consero Group, in partnership with Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker, to publish this new survey.
Corporate Counsel, the national magazine devoted to the in-house bar, recently held their inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel survey.
Spring 2016 Release Introduces More Integrated Workflows to Improve Productivity and Convenience
New Service Tiers Expand on Tracker Best-in-Class Service and Support
Thomson Reuters Announces Serengeti Tracker™ is Now Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker™
Functionality Release Updates Enhance Day-to-day User Activities
Clients Benefit from Enhanced Functionality and Intuitive Workflows
Company Director moderates insightful panel on streamlining litigation department efficiency
Customers, industry analyst reports explain why
Recipients maximized Serengeti Tracker features to save money and drive efficiency
Introduction of UK-based data facility underscores commitment to Serengeti’s corporate legal customers
Thomson Reuters has announced the appointment of Eric Ruud as managing director for the combined Serengeti and Elite organizations
Recipients maximize Serengeti Tracker to drive efficiency and save money
Evaluation also Based on Completeness of Vision
Starr Companies becomes 600th company to implement Serengeti Tracker