Managing Outside Legal Counsel More Easily & Securely

Managing Outside Legal Counsel More Easily & Securely

Clients Benefit from Enhanced Functionality and Intuitive Workflows
Bellevue, Wash.

Serengeti Law, part of Thomson Reuters and provider of Serengeti Tracker™ – the legal profession’s most widely used and highest rated e-billing and matter management platform – today introduced the enhanced functionality of Tracker, designed to help clients improve the overall user experience.

As soon as clients log on, the newly refreshed Tracker dashboard presents the data they value most in an easy-to-understand interface. Users are able to customize the dashboard view so they can put key metrics at their fingertips and take action quickly and easily.

The Tracker for Microsoft® Outlook® add-in is another new feature that helps clients increase productivity and efficiency. This key capability makes it easy for users to copy emails and attachments into Tracker matters directly from the Outlook reading pane, eliminating the need to drag-and-drop or switch between applications.

Additionally, Tracker has introduced Microsoft Azure™ Active Directory® integration, which allows legal departments to utilize Single Sign On (SSO) with existing corporate identities for accessing Tracker, an important feature that enables departments to maintain complete control over company user identities and access. Through the company-controlled SSO experience, the company can provide, monitor, and inactivate user access to Tracker.

“Tracker prides itself as being an easy, efficient, and secure way for legal departments to collaborate with outside counsel, so it is essential that these new updates maintain the same core characteristics,” said Dan Bodnar, director of Product Management at Serengeti. “The latest functionality of Tracker better equips legal departments to work the way they want to work, while also empowering them to gain more from their daily activities.”

Serengeti Tracker is web-based software used to manage matters, invoices, budgets, status reports, and documents from outside counsel firms, which includes 100 percent of both the AmLaw 200 and Global 100. Serengeti Tracker holds the largest collection of e-billing, matter management and live-rate analytics information, with detailed data on attorney performance that includes costs, staffing, duration, predictive accuracy and evaluations by clients.

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