Matter Management Solutions: Consulting Partners

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Partners that maximize your legal matter management success

Tracker invites only the legal industry's premier organizations to join our ecosystem. We partner with a range of experts—from established industry-leading technology companies to new innovators. Together, we learn directly from legal professionals, develop law department best practices, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.
Mosaic Consulting

Since 2000, Mosaic Consulting has been providing expert consulting services to the corporate legal community. Mosaic enables its clients to optimize the power of their legal information and achieve a significant return on their investment through gains in efficiency, data accessibility, and cost savings. Mosaic’s core competencies include work flow and process analysis, matter management/electronic invoicing implementations, business intelligence, technical services, and training. To learn more, Click here

Legal Fee Advisors

For more than 30 years, the experts at Legal Fee Advisors™ have been helping companies transform corporate practices and manage legal costs. Through our consultancy and expert testimony practices, our group of highly experienced Legal Fee Auditors and internationally recognized Legal Fee Experts enable corporate clients to both identify and avoid paying questionable legal charges. Finally, companies have an advocate for assuring the fair value of legal fees. To learn more, Click here

Duff & Phelps Legal Management Consulting

Duff & Phelps’ Legal Management Consulting practice provides services that are designed to improve performance and efficiency, reduce legal costs, and enhance organizational effectiveness for corporate legal departments and law firms. We have a specialized team of selectively recruited professionals with decades of experience in all areas of strategy and operations, technology, information governance, and litigation readiness. To learn more, Click here

HBR Consulting

HBR Consulting, formerly Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, is a leader in consulting to the legal sector with more than three decades of experience helping law firms and law departments plan, implement, and measure business operations, information and technology. The Law Department Consulting practice offers a full range of integrated services – strategy, process, technology, benchmarking, and analytics. To learn more, Click here