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Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker legal analytics software

Legal analytics: metrics that matter

With Legal Tracker, you have access to the world’s largest source of aggregated comparative and benchmark data. Real-time analytics allow you to measure your legal department’s performance, your outside counsel performance, benchmark rate comparisons, and review spend and budget guidelines. In fact, Tracker is the only matter management and e-billing solution that delivers real time, non-survey or extrapolated, analytics data to provide the metrics that you need to make data-driven decisions.

Compare in context

Want to know how your department is doing in comparison to other legal departments similar to yours? Tracker makes it easy, putting real-time, in-depth legal analytics at your fingertips. For example, a health care company with $5 billion in revenue and eight lawyers can see what similar health care companies in the same or comparable cities are paying their law firms.

  • Aggregated data from hundreds of law departments and thousand of law firms worldwide
  • Access is included at no additional charge
  • Compare your legal spend and risk data against similar law departments
  • Drill down by industry, spend, department size, and company size
  • Isolate specific types of work, rates by metro area and classification, and law firm performance by substantive law

legal analytics software - metrics that matter
Reporting & Analytics: Configurable analytics that provide actionable data immediately at your fingertips.