Social Responsibility

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Corporate responsibility

We have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect, and benefit our customers, our employees, our communities, and our environment. This responsibility informs everything we do, both as a company and as individuals. 

We enable and reward our employees’ commitment to their local community through several key programs.

Consider the lifecycle of a traditional invoice and its lasting impact on the environment: manufacture and transport of paper, printing and mailing overhead, and multiple photocopies and approval/payment pages. Tracker helps companies and their law firms leave a “lighter footprint” by eliminating paper for legal invoices, contracts, and other case-related documents.

African Wildlife Foundation
African Wildlife Foundation

Legal Tracker is pleased to support the AWF with an annual donation on behalf of our employees. AWF funds animal and land conservation efforts throughout Africa (including the Serengeti). Join us in the effort at

Mountains To Sound Greenway
Mountains To Sound Greenway

Team Tracker steps out into the wilds of the Northwest and the urban sprawl to foster partnerships and contribute in a variety of ways to a vibrant community action network. An annual event, Green Day for the Mountains to Sound Greenway near our Bellevue, Washington, office draws an enthusiastic and hearty crowd.

  Legal Tracker team at end of rootball workparty at Lake Sammamish State Park  
Legal Tracker team at end of rootball work party at Lake Sammamish State Park
  Legal Tracker Rootball team at Greenway workparty Issaquah Creek  
Legal Tracker Rootball team at Greenway work party Issaquah Creek