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2018 State of Corporate Law Departments Report

| Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker

Today’s modern legal departments strive to ensure the long-term sustainability of their respective organizations by identifying and mitigating risk, driving efficiency, maximizing shareholder value and promoting social responsibility. Learn More >>

Corporate Legal Operations Report, Facts & Analysis

| Consero

Most companies are in the process of developing a strong legal operations function. Only eight percent of legal operations executives believed their legal operations functions were “Fully Mature,” with forty-five percent classifying their functions as “In Use and Evolving,” according to a recent survey. Learn More >>

LDO Benchmarking & Trends Report, 2nd Edition

| Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker

Corporate legal departments continue to focus attention on evaluating and prioritizing their operations by establishing dedicated operations staff, bringing more work in-house, leveraging technology, and other key strategies. Learn More >>

LDO Benchmarking & Trends Report, 1st Edition

| Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker

Discover how corporate legal departments are handling increased workloads, strategically deploying legal operations resources to control costs and boost efficiencies, and evaluating and reporting on their performance. Learn More >>