Legal e-Billing Software Testimonial: Fortune 100 Company

Increased savings, collaboration and transparency with Tracker.

After multiple attempts to replace its inadequate and under-utilized matter management system, this Fortune 100 technology company selected Tracker. In this video series, Christine Coats, Vice President, Legal Operations and Sophia Davis, Sr. Legal Operations Analyst recount their experience transitioning to Legal Tracker from another platform, onboarding their teams, and expanding their use of Tracker internationally. All the while, they discuss the newfound advantages of Tracker in their day-to-day legal operations. 

Christine Coats: Fortune 100 Company testimonial

Sophia Davis: Legal e-Billing Software Testimonial

Click through the below chapters to discover how Legal Tracker has revolutionized this Fortune 100 technology company's legal department.

“Our General Counsel won’t be able to live without it.”
“10% savings is an easy number to reach with Tracker.”
“We feel like a team with Tracker.”