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Legal Tracker has been successfully deployed in more than 1,200 corporate legal offices and 42,000 law firms worldwide. Local, national, global – benefit from deep team expertise.

Post-implementation roll-out

Post-implementation roll-out

When you need to roll Tracker out to new offices or business operations, we can help. We have the resources and expertise needed to make sure everyone's on board and you have complete visibility over your entire legal landscape.

We can also help you roll your legal matter management system out to your international offices so everyone in your company, wherever they are, can enjoy all the benefits. We've already set up more than 250,000 users in 192 countries, so we understand (and have overcome) any potential challenges with international implementation, including VAT and other similar tax issues.

Tracker also offers custom preferences for international users, including date and number format, prioritized country listing, and currency.

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